Jack Murphy/

Qualcomm Stadium

 Major League Baseball Park #5 out of 39


Wednesday, August 25, 1993


San Diego 2, St. Louis Cardinals 1 (10)


W Greg Harris

L Lee Guetterman


Attendance 13,361

Wednesday, July 24, 2002


San Diego 8, San Francisco Giants 0


W Bobby Jones

L Kazuhisa Ishii


Attendance 26,779


            Jack Murphy Stadium opened as "San Diego Stadium" in April of 1969. Twelve years later, the name was changed to honor a San Diego sportswriter and the stadium was nicknamed "The Murph." From 1973 to 1986, seating capacity for baseball changed almost every season. The Padres, however, have been in business since 1969 and have made only two trips to the World Series (1984, 1998), losing both times. The good times appear to have been spaced far apart to prevent any consistently substantial attendance.

            Jack Murphy Stadium was the fourth stop on my 1993 road trip and it was the best-looking of all the other multi-purpose stadiums I'd seen to that point. The city itself was (and is) also very easy on the eyes. It wasn't until I saw a road sign showing two large figures and one small figure running that I realized how close to Mexico I really was. The weather that afternoon in August of 1993 was fantastic. Temperature in the low 90s. Little or no wind. We had seats along the first-base line in the first 10 rows. As there were only about 13,000 people at the game, we had lots of room to stretch out. Just about the only reason to come out to a Padres game was Tony Gwynn and most of the fans there that day would back me up on that. The Padres had just gone through a huge salary dump and Gwynn was the only hometown guy to get a decent round of applause.

            As you can see above, not much happened during that 1993 game. The only memory I have of that game is the three (count 'em, three) errors by the Cardinals' Hall Of Fame shortstop Ozzie Smith. Two of those errors allowed the eventual winning run to score in the 10th inning.

            By the time I returned in 2002, the red seats had been changed to blue and the name of the place had been changed again -- to "Qualcomm Stadium." The weather was beautiful, once again, and my wife and I had seats along the third-base line within sight of the Padres' bullpen. Our vantage point was relevant to yet another strange San Diego baseball memory. Late in the game, I noticed a woman sitting below us who was just putting her top back on. Over the next several minutes, we watched as the woman caught a baseball thrown from someone in the Padres' bullpen, then noticed security people walking down to her seat and escorting her out of the stadium. Being a guy, it never occurred to me that I could get a baseball by flashing the players.



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