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        This part of the website involves another (occasionally expensive) hobby of mine. Movies. I've been going to movies since I was five years old (Pinocchio at the long-gone Duwamish Drive-In in south Seattle in 1970) and in my opinion, there are few things as entertaining as watching a good movie in a packed theatre. Even though it's always been cheaper to rent movies than to see them first-run, I still prefer the blockbuster movie the first weekend of its release to any other option.
        When I got my own place way back when, I saw just about every type of movie released to theatres: the G-rated cartoons, the PG- and R-rated foreign films, the "theatrical X" (only two of those -- The Cook, The Thief, His Wife and Her Lover and Devil In The Flesh [the confusing late-80s version]) and hundreds of major-studio, million-dollar-budget, mainstream films. I've even reviewed a couple of movies for the University of Washington's radio station, KCMU (back in 1989), but quickly realized I was starting to sound just as pretentious as the guy who sits next to Roger Ebert on that syndicated show.
        Now that I'm married (over ten years now), I don't seem to have as much time for theatrical releases of films as I used to, so I have to pick and choose -- and I still end up paying to see a lot of crap. However, I'm not going to waste website space on all that stuff I thought was crap (unless it was something I saw recently, in which case, I have no choice but to mention it and hope five good movies follow it so I can remove the crap from this page), so what follows below are only the newest of the bunch and short reviews of those movies.
        Numbers following titles of recent films denote "star rating" (4 being the best). My favorite -- and least-favorite -- 25 movies are linked below.

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