March 19, 2005

        Let's see now. It's been a while since my last post, so I must have something to say.
        On the baseball front, the Mariners are busy in Peoria, Arizona, with spring training and it already appears that they'll do better than the 2004 version. The pitching looks better. The offense is consistent. I'm a little concerned about their closer situation because Guardado is out with a hamstring strain, but it's so early. Also, I finished the Pro Player Stadium page (no pics yet) and Tropicana Field is up next. Once I get past the two Texas parks we visited in 1999, all of the rest should have pictures because that's when we bought our digital camera.
        Not much on the movie side. Saw Robots last weekend and visually, it was very, very good. However, it seemed to lack something in other areas. There was very little tension or drama. I should have a review up soon.
        On to the job situation, it's fairly unusual. The last time I worked at Safeco Insurance, I had as much overtime as I could handle and at least a full-time schedule. This time around, however, they're either overstaffed or their recent partial automation has sped up the data-entry process more than planned. I've been there six weeks and I've only been able to reach the full-week limit once. I called in sick one day and there was a holiday starting off another week, but all of the other weeks, it's been a lot of going home early. I figure I'm short about $100 each week due to short workdays. If this continues, I may have to look for something else that pays better.
        I'm never sure who reads this and how often, but just in case...happy 60th birthday, Mom!

February 20, 2005

       The Fenway Park page is up -- with a few pictures. The Turner Field page is up -- no pictures, though.
        Got together with a whole bunch of friends (both old and new) last night and belatedly celebrated my 40th birthday. We reserved a few lanes at a Ballard bowling alley and I believe a good time was had by all. Besides finding ways to see these people more often, I have to find a way to do more bowling. That way, maybe I wouldn't be so sore the next day.
       Pitchers and catchers have reported. The Yankees and Red Sox are already taking shots at each other. Spring, therefore, must be just around the corner. I can't wait.  

February 2, 2005

        The more things change, the more they stay the same. In chronological order, the Seahawks lost their sixth consecutive playoff game and then fired their combative GM a few days later. I saw a very bad movie (review on the movie page) a little over a week ago. The Mariners signed Jeff Nelson -- and if/when he makes the team, it will be for the third time. My temp job with King County ended a couple of days ago (but I'm planning to return later this summer) and on Monday, I'll be heading back to Safeco Insurance for the next five or six months.
        Here's to hoping Punxsutawney Phil sees his shadow today. The weather's been so boring up here in the Pacific Northwest (and so bad for the folks that are connected to skiing) that we could use another six weeks of winter.
        I spent most of last weekend at Safeco Field working the FanFest. I'm really looking forward to the upcoming baseball season. I like the idea of Mike Hargrove, Richie Sexson and Adrian Beltre getting this team back into contention again. It was depressing seeing the other team score three runs (in the game) and wonder if we could ever come back. I'm also hoping to catch a few out-of-town games this season, but nothing's been planned yet.

January 8, 2005

       Another year underway. Since my last post, there was one historically bad natural disaster in Indonesia. My sympathy for anyone who lost someone or who knows someone who lost someone. Nobody should die while hanging out at the beach or while on vacation.
         I hope the Seahawks win a playoff game this afternoon. They haven't won one since 1984. I remember it well because I was there. I also hope the Mariners contend this year. They just picked up Pokey Reese. I think he'll do better than Rich Aurilia. Younger, quicker. I really like the way the infield is shaping up. Should make the pitchers better without having to go get a new starter.
        Turning 40 is still a bit of a stunner. When I think about being halfway to 80 (or so I hope, anyway), it occurs to me that those 40 years took a long time to go by. My earliest memory is still playing in a sandbox at day care when I was about 3. I hope there's some fun things ahead for my 40s. World Series title. Super Bowl title. Lots of road trips and thunderstorms. There should be a party sometime soon. Unfortunately (sorta), I got called back by King County Elections for some post-election clean-up (interesting stuff) and I'll be very busy for the next few weeks.
        Before I sign off for a little while, Elvis, if you're reading this, happy 70th birthday King!