Movies Of 2003

About Schmidt (3) -- Jack Nicholson plays a man addled by the sudden loss of his wife and the possible loss of his daughter to a man who lives in another state. His road trip to find her and restore their relationship sets up everything that happens to him along the way. Not sure I was in the right frame of mind for this one, but Nicholson seldom disappoints.

Daredevil (2.5) -- Ben Affleck sleepwalks his way through this movie. Jennifer Garner wasn't anything special, either. The role of Kingpin was played a black actor. A very good black actor, but it was yet another reason I couldn't get into this movie like I could with Spider-Man.

Chicago (3.5) -- I wasn't blown away by this movie like most people, but the production was still very good. Not sure anyone should've received Oscar nods for this one because no one really stood out, but it was entertaining.

Head Of State (3) -- Chris Rock has his first lead role in a good movie and the political commentary was very appropriate for the times.

The Matrix: Reloaded (3.5) -- Not nearly as much butt-kicking as the first one, but the overall story has been very interesting and that's so hard to find these days. I saw the third movie earlier this year and the tale, in my opinion, was wrapped up very neatly.

X-Men 2 (4) -- Not sure how many more of these are going to be made, but so far, both movies have been very entertaining. Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellen are great casting choices, but Hugh Jackman's a little thin to look like Wolverine. The very end of this movie makes sense to me only because I've read so many of the comic books.

Finding Nemo (4) -- Pixar has created another classic. Probably the most overall serious movie they've ever done. Sure, it was yet another "Disney orphan" story, but Pixar's updates make this one a classic for all ages.

Bruce Almighty (2.5) -- Jim Carrey should've been allowed to do more "God stuff". Morgan Freeman should've had more screen time. However, I can't believe that anyone would leave Jennifer Aniston for Catherine Bell.

Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines (2) -- I have mixed feelings about Arnold as California governor. The bad -- he's a Republican who led a recall effort against a guy who was brought down by Enron's illegal energy dealings. The good -- No more Terminator movies until he's voted out of office.

American Wedding (3.5) -- A good wrap-up for this teen-movie trilogy. More embarrassing moments for Jim. More odd moments for Stifler. If I had a friend like Stifler, I'd make sure he was invited to all of my special occasions. It's just better that way.

Pirates of the Caribbean (3) -- Johnny Depp obviously had a lot of fun playing Jack Sparrow. Sure, it's just like the Disneyland ride, but it was still a lot of fun to sit through.

Dickie Roberts, Former Child Star (3) -- The best David Spade movie I've ever seen. Not saying much, I realize, but it was great to see a lot of "real-life" former child stars in this one.

School of Rock (3) -- A lot of Jack Black running around screaming. A lot of Sara Silverman running around whining. The kids were great, though, and they made this movie.

Looney Tunes: Back In Action (3) -- Several different styles of art are represented in this film. Brendan Fraser and Jenna Elfman tried to keep up with Bugs, Daffy, and the gang. I'm glad they're back.

The Cat In The Hat (0) -- If Mike Myers ever does another Austin Powers movie, I'm rooting for Dr. Evil.

Timeline (2) -- The Michael Crichton novel was better. The movie coulda/shoulda been about an hour longer.

Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World (4) -- Russell Crowe should've received an Oscar nomination for his role as Captain Aubrey. The battle scenes and supporting cast were unforgettable.

Lord of the Rings: Return of the King (4) -- Nine days after Master, I saw another epic film. From beginning to end, the best trilogy ever. We should all be able to leave this place by sailing to the Grey Havens.

Elf (3) -- Will Ferrell was hysterical. This movie tried too hard to be everything, but it was just funny and sentimental enough for me to recommend it to others. A very good holiday movie.